* * Tales From the Vault * *

The Pristine Aventurine Necklace

After Report * * *

 The stones of this necklace are a perfect mirror of each other, cut, and polished to shine. The pinchbeck backings that they are attached to resemble something found in cooking untensils.

In some ways the artifact appears priceless, and in other ways it speaks of a poorer class of people. Still, the local community in Alabama holds that this object gives whoever is in possession of it a curse.

It took some time of digging to find even rumors about its construction. What we have been able to collect and verify is that an Irishman of low income commissioned the craft of this necklace for his beloved. He was a miner and had been away on a project mining diamonds in Spain where he collected these perfect specimens of diamond and aventurine and hid them for himself.
The artist cut them to match and that's where his funds went dry. Rumors say that the miner gave all his earnings and when the artist asked for more the irate man held the artist hostage until its completion, killing the artist after it was finished.

The necklace followed the miner and his new bride to the American colonies where it was passed among the descendants.

The last living descendant was a woman in Alabama who was brutally murdered by something very small. Some stories hold that the angered spirit of the artist was transformed into a leprechaun who has haunted the family since. While it seemed preposterous the sudden death of one of our janitors who was last seen cleaning the object has me becoming superstitious by the day. Some of the security have mentioned hearing a small angry voice echoing about the halls of the Institute.

We will be contacting a priest to see of its cleansing and then likely find a way to be rid of it ourselves.

- Wesley