* Adventure Found *

A call was sent out that on November 5th, 1927, a celebration was to be had in honor of the founding of the Society for the Procurement of Adventure-based Research and Knowledge (S.P.A.R.K.). The gathered individuals were welcomed from locations both near and far, with the intent that new recruits for the adventure-society would be found.

Hijinks at the Hangar *

The jovial Charles Thatcher and co. joined guests and adventurers at a nearby hangar to toast the new society and plan future excursions.

The group decided that the first adventure should be that December and it was agreed all around. With a final toast, the group went to the closing remarks of the long night.

* The Springs Run Red *

The man in charge of the Springs Bottling factory was found murdered at the nearby fountain. Though a culprit was found and taken away, the mysterious amulet in his possession went missing.

Adventure Lost *

Though everything had gone well through the whole of the day they noticed that Jack Grayson was missing. It was at that moment that a strange woman had approached them shouting, "Excuse me! Excuse me! Your idiot friend stole my time-piece!"

Charles Thatcher tried to brush her off but when she insisted that the "time-piece" in question was important in another manner it was realized that Jack Grayson had accidentally made off with the woman's time travel device.

On questioning the woman on the potential destinations that the device might have taken him to, she responded that the only dates available at the present were either 1901, or 1903.

Wesley Steam believed that Baron Meinster's earlier presence and mentioning of attending the 1903 Carnevale had something to do with the location of their friend.

The team decided that it would be the first destination that they would check.