The Gambler of Souls


* The Rambler's Bluff *


On the date of November 6th, 1926, a group of unique and talented individuals heard the threat of the ne'er-do-well that referred to their self as only one "Mr.M". This mysterious villain sent out a cry of alarm with his threat of explosives placed about the town where our heroes presently occupied.

Rising to the challenge, these individuals organized into a force that could stop the nasty plot of the diabolical schemer.


* Celebration *

Following the rout of Mr. M's scheme a celebratory feast was held by a local goodfella going by the title of Boss Dennis inside his restaurant on Raglan Road.

The Gambler of Souls *

The celebrations were not to be had for long however as their gracious host, Boss Dennis, alerted them of a strange man who had entered town. Further information from the townsfolk revealed that the feared Gambler of Souls had come to the Springs in search of those he might challenge for the right to steal their soul in order to feed his otherworldly master, C'Thulu.

Though many tried to stop him, only one succeeded and in the end the champion took back the recently stolen souls, setting everyone free and leaving Reggie Krasnyy to pack his bags and leave town for good.