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Joined by members of the Institute of the Scientific Arts, local citizens are reporting a set of festivities to be held at the nearby Springs sometime in the late Fall season.

According to one interviewed civilian this has been an annual event for as long as they can remember, and it seems that there are plans for it to continue far into the future...

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Bold Scholars Teaching World Shattering Philosophy

Scholars at the Institute of the Scientific Arts are sharing information that there may be evidence of not only alternate realms and dimensions, but also other realities entirely which appear similar to our own. Are they showing a stroke of genius or are they crazy? You be the judge...

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A man well known in the field of business ventures and powerful Austro-Italian Baron, Mr. Meinster, has opened his private Carnevale di Venezia to the public.

When questioned about the origination of his private parties, he responded by saying that "My family has hosted these since the late 1800's. We have become very proficient in providing exceptional entertainment."

One of our investigative journalists believed that this information may have been false as government records may indicate that his family was not alive beyond the mid 1870s. Even more incredible is that records also show the well known Baron's birthday to have come from an impossible date. Unfortunately all evidence has been lost with the untimely death of Ms. Baldwin, the investigative journalist who was responsible for this information...

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