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        There is no group like a transmission of Steampunks. We're roudy, adventurous, and at the worst of times get ourselves caught up in Gentlemen's (Or in some cases, Gentleladies) duels brought about by some baffoon's challenge to our honor!

In the best of times however we're a well civilized group who enjoys their cup of tea and time with family and friends while listening to our regularly scheduled radio tunes.

Whether we're in the best of times, or the worst, there is always room for a code of conduct while gathered for festivities. Thus we present to you our article on "Code for Appropriate Attire", and "Bilaws of an Airship Pir-Erghh, wrong article. We'll just call these rules our "Guidelines".


Failure to adhere to either article while gathered with us may not lead to anything... But we're not guaranteeing that the big man over there with arms that look as if they could lift a submarine isn't going to come pick you up and escort you out of the event... AKA: Behave, or else you may suffer the wrath of the event staff, and future blacklisting from all events. (Don't think you can get fancy with your time machine either. These blacklist restrictions apply to all events past and present. Trust us when we say that we know. We always know. After all, who do you think invented the trans-time-communimication-panel?)


General Rules

  • ‚ÄčThis is a family friendly event.

  • While consumption of alcoholic beverages is allowed for those of legal age, please know your limit. Failure to comply, and intoxication beyond a reasonable limit won't be allowed.

  • Photos taken at Steampunk Day events by event staff may be used for online or advertising purposes. A waiver may or may not be necessary for your consent, so please be aware that your image may be used in marketing for future events. Personal photographs will not be touched.


Social Code

  • Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated in any medium associated with Steampunk Day Orlando. Harassment is simply defined as any unwanted action against any person(s) or group, for any reason, that is constantly repeated or systematic. The mediums include, but not limited to, any space that is reserved for Steampunk Day Orlando for the 2016 year. Reports of harassment will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

  • Cosplay is not consent. Cosplayers work very hard throughout the year to present their projects to their loving peers, not as a waiver to allow other attendees to invade what is considered, “personal space”. Please be courteous to each other and ask for permission to take pictures or touch any attendee at Steampunk Day events.



  • Steampunk Day is a family event and attendees are asked to dress accordingly. Steampunk Day staff reserves the right to ask an attendee to change clothing if it is deemed inappropriate.

  • Apparel may not be used as signs to communicate messages such as, “Free Hugs” or “Free Kisses”. Steampunk Day staff reserves the right to ask the attendee to change clothing if deemed to promote an inappropriate message.

  • Disney property does not allow masks or attire deemed to be a costume representing one of their characters. Please keep all attire as your original creation, small inspirations taken from an established character may be permitted.

  • Minimal facepaint is allowed. Facepaint and masks which obscure the identity of the guest will get the guest removed from property.

Sign Policy

  • No signs are permitted at Steampunk Day.

Weapons & Props

  • No prop weapons. AT ALL. Disney is very serious about all weapons, prop or otherwise, on their property. Anything that even might be considered a weapon by them will not be allowed.

  • NO EXPLOSIVES or CHEMICALS of any kind including, but not limited to: smoke powder, sparklers, or fireworks of any kind.

  • Leashes of any kind may not be worn at any time on event grounds.

  • Steampunk Day Orlando reserves the right to deem any prop dangerous to the general public, regardless of size and ask for it to be removed from the convention space.