* * Tales From the Vault * *

The Lantian Vase

After Report * * *

This vase was created by the Chinese artist Wang Wei in his youth. It was discovered in the hands of scavengers attempting to sell it on the black market.

One of the Institute's researchers caught wind of the sale and tracked the location which it was to be auctioned from.

We were there to acquire it and after some hardship succeeded.

On further research we discovered that the vase had been stolen from Wang Wei's old home in Lantian county.

Our mission was to return the vase when the locals refused our attempts. They stated that though the vase was one of the artist's earliest works, it was also one that he had despised and attempted to get rid of several times. So great was his displeasure with his own work.


The legends now say that the spirit of Wang Wei orchestrated the theft of the vase in an attempt to truly rid it from his property.


Whatever the case may be the I.S.A. now has a valuable artifact to bargain with should we need it.

- Wesley