* * Tales From the Vault * *

Hindu Incense Box

After Report * * *

Incredibly, this box is said to be close to 3000 years old. On receiving knowledge of its existence in India I sent a team of field researchers to examine the object and ascertain the validity of the reports.

They confirmed that the stories seemed to hold true.


I took the next available flight out to see it for myself. I was not disappointed. I found the old shop where an elderly merchant had the object aside for me. The old wood I held in my hands was of excellent craftsmanship with the artistic touch of its long deceased maker clearly evident.

How they had preserved it in such excellent condition for so long I knew not.

I loved ancient objects because it would often give answers on how to improve the innovations of today.


The owner explained to me that some men had salvaged it from a collapsed portion of a nearby temple. The box had been used to store incense that would be burned for Hindu healing rituals.


Now there was more reason to research the box. What kinds of incense did it hold? How did the properties of the incense help in healing?


I don't have a lot of room for objects in the Institute right now and Elizabeth is complaining about hoarding so it seems this object will be leaving to better hands after we finish our research, and before my dear wife decides to smash it.

- Wesley