Where In The World?


* Lord Bleak *


Traveling back in time to 1901 Wesley, Elizabeth, and co. found their location to be near to the local Springs. Heading there swiftly the group discovered a celebration in honor of the opening of a new power plant.

It did not take long before the group had an encounter with a strange man named Alexander Tobious Bleak. A crotchety old English fellow with the personality to match. He was an investor with deep pockets and had helped to fund the new power plant.

Marvelous Machinations *

Wesley Steam determined that in order to seek out Jack's location they might need to find, or build, a device which could track him. Sending everyone out it was discovered that Jack Grayson had gotten free some time ago and was wandering around the location of the springs.

* TO ARMS! *

Though the group had gotten along fairly well with Lord Bleak, he perceived a challenge to his honor and countered with the challenge of duel. It was after his defeat that Lord Bleak revealed he was holding Jack Grayson, the group's lost friend and pilot, captive.

Home Again *

With Jack Grayson now found and Lord Alexander Bleak nowhere in sight, the group joined in with the celebrations. Meanwhile, the Baron and his guest were somehow caught up among another mysterious murder case. Once again, an artifact of incredible power vanished without a trace. Wesley caught wind sometime after of the events which had transpired out of his sight. He started seeking as much information as he could on the strange artifacts, knowing only that the two were connected in some way.