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The Wound That Bleeds the Most

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Part 5: * * * * * * * * * *

May 21st, 1877

It’s the day after the carnevale. The rain was falling down outside of the carriage that we were riding in. The Baron looked miserable across from us.

Hoping to help his spirits rise I commented on my excitement for a carnevale next year.

This only deepened Nero’s dark visage.

“There will not be another one.” He busted out leaning forward.

This startled Elizabeth a little. Though she didn't show it I could feel her grip my hand tighter.

Before I could question Nero he began his explanation. “Teresa, I mean Contessa Bacco, was my biggest supporter. Without her aid I fear that there will not be another.”

He grimaced as he spoke.

“Was the crime so bad?” Elizabeth asked. “Wasn't the victim threatening us? Surely she could have been let go?”

“Yes, he was a danger but if someone had not been caught or if I had let the Contessa go free, Italy or some other nation may not have looked on it kindly.” He paused in contemplation.

“I believe that he was working for someone else and I wish not to draw their ire, whoever they may be.”

“I understand.” Elizabeth commented.

“What of the new benefactors to your research?” I questioned.

“New benefactors?”

“Yes, there were quite a few who expressed their interest of investing in what you do. It seems that you made a fairly strong impact.”

This seemed to lighten the tense mood in the carriage. Nero leaned back into his seat and looked out of the window again in thought.

The rain stopped suddenly and we could hear sudden singing erupt from the front of the cart.

Atrocious had been given the reigns and Richard had elected to sit beside them. It was clear that they were happy the rain stopped.


While this didn't fix everything it did boost the Baron’s confidence and that was important to maintaining relations with this powerful person.

We had been told that on arriving in Florence we would be left to our own devices. It was obvious that the Contessa’s forced departure would still leave him sour for some time.


On arrival we were invited inside to prepare for our departure and witnessed Nero and his wife discussing new business ventures. A fire and urgency burned in the Baron and we would not see him again before we left.

Atrocious has gone ahead to make certain the time travel device is still there, while Richard, Elizabeth and I ready for the trip home. The next time I write we will be back in our own time and home with our boy Ezekiel. I am looking forward to it

This is a note to you my friends Wesley and Elizabeth. You left your journal behind, by accident I could only assume. I have learned English, as you may see from my writing. I felt that it would be important in these ever changing times. Though it has been years since we last met, your journal has helped me to understand you and your purpose for being here.

I will however see you again soon, of that I am certain.

When you see this note, know that I am thankful for your assistance. Following from that day I had made several beneficial business relationships, one of which is a rather famous inventor who you will likely admire, or hate for his shrewd business policies.

Looking forward to the next adventure.

  • B.M.