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Renowned Team Tells All

By Lynn Specter


"Well, it all started when my wife suggested that we dress up to go out on the town. We were trying to lay low, after all of the fiasco with Jonah Abernathy, get some time to relax you know?" Mr. Steam is reported as saying when interviewed. "It was 1924 and we were engaged to be married at the time. She wanted to get back out into the public scene so I proposed that we invite some friends to the festivities, as a public invitation to get to know them better. What ended up happening was a group of strangers had been gathered, through one form or another at Boss Dennis' place for dinner. Dennis is well known to my wife's family, for reasons I'm certain we both understand."

Mr. Steam is referring to the fact that Mr. Dennis Shelby is a well known land-boss in the area who -

helped the Salemi family, another famous family in the area, during the attempted takeover by the aforementioned Jonah Abernathy.

Jonah Abernathy had attempted to poison the entire city of Orlando in 1923 with an unidentified substance and was set to overthrow the governing powers when Mr. and Mrs. Steam helped to unite several local factions against him.

It has long been a question of what actually occurred behind the scenes in that conflict and many conspiracies have been floating about.

When asked if he could shed some light as to what happened with Mr. Abernathy and how he was stopped he seemed to ponder whether to divulge.

"It sounds little crazy, however the many had an idea that the machine was better than mankind and was working to replace every organ in his body with machinery." That answer was not expected.


Whether you view Steampunk as what the present future should have  been, or an alternate past. Whether you are from this nation, or any other and no matter the color of your skin, or the gender that you are, or the personal creed that you may follow in religion, or without. May Steampunk always represent the ingenuity of humankind, our willingness to unite and overcome all odds and the curiosity to boldly go where none have gone before.

-To STEAMPUNKERY, and innovation. Adventure is out there!


We had originally started this event back in 2014 when it was suggested by Christina M. that we should go out for a day dressed up. I made a deal that we would do that but I had two requests, the first that it would be in Steampunk attire, the second that we would invite friends because it would be more fun that way.

We were surprised when only one person that we knew had come to the event, everyone else was a stranger to us.

We had so much fun making new friends that we decided to do it again, however we took a break through 2015 due to the event's planned date being so close to the due date for our first child.

We came back with vigor in 2016 and since then have been working with an incredible team to bring you professional family friendly events to attend.

Adventure is at your doorstep!